1. Kindly present your passport with the valid entry visa for the check-in procedure.

  2. The hotel is only responsible for money or valuables deposited at Reception.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, explosives, inflammable, narcotics (drug), prohibited goods, pets and bulky assets into the hotel or to cook and launder in the room.

  4. Do not change or move the furniture and equipment from one place to another. They will be liable to indemnify the hotel at current prices for any losses or damages caused.

  5. Please do not change your room or all more people in the room without prior notice to Reception.

  6. To receive your relatives, please contact the Reception to arrange a place for meeting.

  7. When going out, please check the door and windows carefully and leave the key at Reception. The electricity with be cut off automatically when the door is locked.

  8. If you discover a fire in the hotel, please immediately alert all your neighbor and comply with the fire-fighting instructions.

  9. Check-out time is 12 noon, otherwise you will be charged. In case of necessity, please contact Reception.

  10. Before leaving the hotel, guests are kindly requested to settle all bills and return keys to Reception.